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Sublimation Transfers ONLY (5 transfer minimum)

Sublimation Transfers ONLY (5 transfer minimum)

YOU DESIGN, WE PRINT! This product is for sublimation transfers ONLY. We do NOT format images or change proportions. We will ONLY print what you provide so ensure you format your images correctly. YOU MUST SEND HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES. The quality of the images you send will determine how good your transfers turn out. We CAN NOT USE SCREENSHOTS OR PIXELATED IMAGES online. Please provide CLEAR, CLEAN PNG, JPEG, or SVG files. Ensure you create the design with a transparent background unless the background of the design has color. Images must be sent to THERE IS A MINIMUM OF 5 TRANSFERS PER ORDER. 


This is a sublimation TRANSFER, therefore a physical SUBLIMATION TRANSFER will be shipped to you, WITHOUT a shirt.



Sublimation ink ONLY works on polyester. We recommend using 100% polyester for the best and brightest results. 50% or more polyester can be used but it will result in a duller print.



*Make sure to place Butcher paper inside the garment or under the substrate and cover it with Butcher paper or a Teflon sheet before pressing to prevent ink from transferring on your mat or heat press.


*Temperature: 375-400 degrees

*Time: 60 seconds

*Pressure: medium

    PriceFrom $3.50
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